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2021/03 Who is Rich?
Inspirational Message received by Seema M. Dewan, September 25, 2011
There lived in a city two brothers. One had faced every test of God with humbleness, courage and contentment. Being pious by nature and pure by heart, he remained silent in patience and accepted all who came to him as the Will and the Grace of his beloved God. Today was no ordinary day for him. The only son that he had was killed while defending his country. He had been a mother and a father to him as his wife had passed on during the time of his son’s birth. He always said to his son, “Child, the first thing you must learn to do even before you walk… talk… is to smile. When you smile no matter what, you show your gratitude toward our beloved Lord who watches over us at every moment. A smile is a gift of God that must be used to uplift the soul of one’s self, and with that joy one must uplift the soul of all those that surround you.”
在一个市镇里住有两兄弟。其中一位以谦虚、勇气和满足去面对神的每一个考验。天性虔诚而心地纯净,他耐心地保持静默并接受所有到来的人为他亲爱的神的意愿与恩典。今天对他来说不是平常的一天。他的独生子为保卫国家而英勇牺牲。他的妻子在孩子诞生时去世,从那时候起他就肩负父母的职责于一身。他常常对孩子说,“孩子,你要学会做的第一件事就是微笑,甚至在你学走... 学说话... 之前。当你无论发生什么都微笑时,你对我们亲爱的主展示你的感激之情,祂时时刻刻都照顾着我们。微笑是神的礼物,必须被用来振奋一个人的灵魂,并以那喜悦去鼓舞你周围所有人的灵魂。”

Often the child asked, “Father, how do I smile in times of peril… obstacles… and losses?” The father replied, “O Child, place the love of God before all else. Whenever there is peril before you remember His million arms that embrace and protect you… Whenever there is an obstacle, draw the strength from God’s love and overcome its fear. Once you have overcome fear, the obstacle that seemed a mountain will become a speck of dust. And when something you love is taken away, remember God has taken it away for you began to love it more than Him. Forgetting God’s love is forgetting one’s Self. And one loves something more than his principles… his character… and his own truth. God’s grace descends and He takes your weaknesses away and Himself stands before you with His hands full of spiritual gifts……
孩子时常问父亲,“父亲,在危险... 障碍重重... 和失败的时刻,我怎么笑得出来?”父亲回答,“噢 孩子,把神的爱置于其他一切之上就得了。每当危险来到你跟前,记得祂千千万万的手臂拥抱和保护着你... 每当有障碍,从神的爱中导出力量并克服其恐惧。一旦你克服了恐惧,高如一座山的障碍也会变成微粒尘埃。而当你心爱的东西被带走时,记得那是神把它给带走的,因为你开始爱它甚于爱神。忘记神的爱等于忘记你的自性;并且你爱某种东西甚于你的原则... 你的人格... 以及你自己的真相。神的恩典就会降临,而祂把你的弱点带走并站在你面前,双手握着满满的灵性礼物...

He knew today that God reminded him that love for his son had weakened his bond with truth. And truth stood before his door today… His son had followed every word of his and had faced the perils of fear with courage… he had faced the obstacles of war with selflessness and had smiled until he could fight the enemy with his principles… character… and his soul.
今天他知道神在提醒他,他对孩子的爱已经削弱了他与真相的结合。而真相今天站在他的门前.... 他的儿子已遵从他的每一句话并以勇气面对恐惧的危险... 他以无私的态度去面对战争的障碍,并一直莞尔而笑直到他能以他的原则... 人格... 及他的灵魂去与敌人一决生死。

The older brother, however, was quite different from his poor brother. He was successful in worldly pursuits… and selfish in thought and deed. He, too, had a son that never respected his father and often squandered the wealth of his father in developing wrong friendships and habits. His father had always taught him, “Son… whenever an opportunity comes your way that enriches you with fame and wealth, grab it. Be shrewd with anyone else that may come in your way. Spend your time in seeing how much more you can receive by the shortest unscrupulous ways. Do not worry about God watching over you. He will forgive you no matter what. And don’t forget to offer to Him a little of what you have so you do not face His wrath.”
然而,哥哥却和贫穷的弟弟有所不同。他在世俗生活的追求方面相当成功... 而在思想与行为上显得自私自利。他也有一个儿子,但儿子从来就不尊敬父亲并大肆挥霍父亲的财富于损友与恶习上。他的父亲常常教训他说,“儿子... 每当有丰富名利的机会降临时,抓住它。要对可能妨碍你的任何人保持机警。花时间去探悉如何借最短及不择手段的方式而获得更多。不要担心神在监视着你。无论如何祂都会原谅你的。而别忘了把你拥有的一小部分供奉给祂,这样你就不会面对祂的谴责了。”

The son asked, “Father, what do I do if I do not succeed… or if someone else does better than me… or if troubles come my way?” The arrogant father said, “Son, remember there are no rules to succeed… No matter what the closeness with anyone… do what is best for you. Always see who is doing better than you and find a way to receive his wealth and stop the days of his success. Do not rest until you have what he has in his possession. And as for troubles, you can always bribe another and find your way. Money is your name… your identity… your security and your only friend.” Today was a big day for his brother, too, for he was going to hear the sentence given to his son for embezzling another business owner.
儿子问道,“父亲,如果我不成功,那我该怎么办... 倘若别人做得比我好... 假若我遇到麻烦了?”嚣张的父亲说,“儿子,记得成功是没有法则的... 不论你与任何人怎么亲近... 要为自己谋取最有利的。要注意谁比你做得更好,并想方设法去接收他的财富及结束他成功的日子。直到你拥有他所拥有的,切莫停止。至于麻烦,你总是可以贿赂别人,为自己另辟蹊径。金钱是你的名字... 你的身份... 你的保障以及你唯一的朋友。”对哥哥来说,今天也是一个大日子,因为他将到庭听审他儿子因欺骗另一个业者的判决。

Both the brothers found themselves in the same house of God for prayer. They hugged each other and found out that one had lost his son to God and the other was losing his son to the law. They stood before God…… The poor brother knelt before the Lord and smiled in silence. The rich brother knelt before the Lord and offered to Him a crown of gold studded with diamonds. He shed tears and cried.
两兄弟在同一个教堂里祈祷时相遇。他们互相拥抱并获知弟弟丧失了儿子给神而哥哥即将丧失儿子给法律。他们站在神的面前..... 贫穷的弟弟跪拜在主的面前并静静地微笑。富有的哥哥跪在主的面前并供奉给祂一个镶满钻石的金冠。他流泪哭泣。

Both met each other after their prayer outside the home of God. The poor brother said to his rich brother, “Dear brother, God gave me all that I ever could want. He took away the mother of my son so I could learn and appreciate the selfless love of a mother within me. He taught me to guard my principles and character like every father should, and pass on the wealth of this experience to my son. My son lived that love of a mother by protecting his country and lived the principles of character of a father by fighting courageously for his beliefs… He gave to me by giving up his life, a new life to live in God’s love. How blessed am I. Today, dear brother, I thanked God for me and asked Him a boon for you. I told Him to wipe your tears and give you the gift of the smile that He gave to me. I hope you receive that, dear brother.”
祈祷过后他们两人在教堂外相会。贫穷的弟弟跟富有的哥哥说,“亲爱的哥哥,神给了我所有我想要的。祂带走了我儿子的母亲,以便我能懂得并体会在我之内的无私母爱。祂教我要像每个父亲一样去捍卫我的原则和人格,并传递这丰富的经验给我的儿子。我儿子依据母亲的爱而生活,凭借它保卫国家,并且依据父亲的人格原则而生活,凭借它为他的信仰而英勇战斗... 他以放弃他的生命来给我,一个活在神的爱之中的新生命。我多么的有福气。今天,亲爱的哥哥,我感谢神并求祂赐福与你。我告诉祂拭干你的泪水并赐予你,那祂已给了我的微笑的礼物。我希望你收到它,亲爱的哥哥。”

The rich one wept as he said, “O brother, you have taught me today this very instant to smile. I have only earned the disrespect of my own soul. I have given to my son the curse of fear… the dirt of greed… the pain of selfishness…… I have taught him to wage a war against his own soul. I have asked him to sell his principles in order to receive worldly gains. I have made God his enemy that he must please with insincerity and contempt. I have taught him to be angry… I have taught him to be sad… I have taught him to steal and grab. And that is why I cry today. I am the cause of my own tears. I am the cause of my son’s downfall… And you, dear brother are the gift that God sends to bear sons like yours and to change the fallen ones like me. I shall from now turn to my soul… I shall smile for the love of God that turns this world is within me. I shall smile for I have yet to begin my life as me… as your brother… as a father…… I have found the wealth to smile and I shall never forget that you gave to me the only expression that a soul ever has… i.e. joy… joy… joy….
富有的哥哥边哭边说,“噢 弟弟,今天这一刻你教会了我微笑。迄今,我只赢取了对自己灵魂的不敬。我给了我儿子恐惧的诅咒... 贪婪的污垢... 自私的痛苦... 我教他对他自己的灵魂宣战。我要他为了世俗利益而出卖他的原则。我使神成为他的敌人,要他以伪善和鄙视去奉承祂。我教他愤怒... 我教他悲伤... 我教他去偷窃和攫取。而那就是为什么我今天哭泣的原因。我的泪水是我自己引起的。我儿子的堕落是我造成的... 而你,亲爱的弟弟,是神赐的礼物,来生育像你儿子这样的好儿子,来改造像我这样的堕落人。我从现在起将会转向我的灵魂.... 我要微笑因为那运转这世界的神的爱在我之内。我要微笑因为我尚未开始身为我... 身为你的哥哥... 身为一个父亲... 的生活.... 我已找到微笑的财富,而我绝不会忘记你给了我一个灵魂从来就有的唯一的表达,那就是... 喜悦... 喜悦... 喜悦...
Who is rich? 谁富有?
The one that can smile
From the beginning
To the end…
The one that can remember
The Lord…
The Grace
That He sends…
The one that upholds
The truth and law…
The one that looks
Ahead with courage
And sees all as good
And never a flaw…
The one that
Carries the fear
Of the weak…
The one that
The shy and the meek…
The one
That fights a war
To make the enemy
A lifelong friend…
The one
That draws
The love of God
And makes all wars
Come to an end…
The one that
Gives his life
For others to live
The right way…
He is the rich one
That learns
To smile… first
In his life
And leaves behind
A story… sweet…
Forever to stay….
一个故事... 温馨的...
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