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2020/11 The End of Misery
Inspirational Message received by Seema M. Dewan, August 31, 2011
We are the cause of our own misery. Why, do you ask…?
1. We often spend time in complaining of what should not have happened rather than dealing with maturity and calmness with what is in front of us… now…
我们往往浪费时间于抱怨那本不该发生的事情,而不以成熟与平静的态度去处理在我们面前的事情... 刻不容缓地...

2. We often hold on to the reason of misery rather than grabbing from within our souls the inspiration of joy.

3. We often hold others (our loved ones) hostage for not complying with our unreasonable requests to make us remain happy.

4. We often wish, before the time has come, and lament when it brings us the moments of reality before us.

5. We often dwell in the pains of the past and fail to see the healing occurring in the present.

6. We often remember God in moments of desperation and return to planning greater success in moments of receiving.

7. We often blame God when death and disease knock at our door. Although we all know that the journey in the body is temporary we expect us and our loved ones to remain outside of the boundaries of this truth.

8. First we implant the fear of work in our hearts. Then we dislike the work. And of course we naturally begin to dislike anything or anyone associated with the work.

9. We often wake up first and see what God holds in His hands for us. For a moment we smile… and then our eyes go to what God’s hands hold for another. And then there is the anger of jealousy that we ourselves ignite, forgetting to be grateful to God’s gifts that He especially holds for us.
我们常常先醒来且看看神在祂手中握着什么东西给我们。我们微笑一会儿... 而在另一瞬间我们的眼睛转向神手上拿着给另一个人的东西。然后我们因嫉妒而自己点燃的怒火就涌起,使我们忘掉了对神的礼物的感激之情;那份祂特别为我们握着的礼物。

10. We often believe that the worst comes easily to us and the best goes to those who do not deserve it yet.

11. We cry and lament that no one truly loves us. And in that pain we refuse to love all in a pure and unconditional way.

12. We often expect more than we can give and we give a little less than another expects of us.

13. We often give up our privilege “to be” and instead become someone for someone else in order to connect and receive from each other.

14. We make friends but often do not believe in each other. Then we put upon ourselves the pressure of concealing how much we do not believe in the other.

15. We are only united in our desire and completely different in our ways of understanding love.

16. We often concentrate more on what God has to do for us than what we have to do for Him.

17. We take all the gifts of God for granted. We forget that He has kept us safe moment to moment. We remind Him what He has to do next for us instead of spending time remembering His love.

We are miserable because we have forgotten to be grateful to God. We are miserable because we have forgotten to be ourselves. We are miserable because we have forgotten to respect the power of pure unconditional love. We are miserable because we want and wish more than we need. We are miserable because we expect from others what we cannot give to them. We are miserable because we do our duty without the light of our conscience. We are miserable because we are not able to accept time as it comes. We are miserable because we are unable to forgive and forget the source of any temporary pain. We are miserable because we have made our souls secondary to our minds.

Realize that it is not misery that must leave us. It is us that must leave misery…

How, you say…
1. Be grateful to God. Thank Him for all that He gives to you. Moment to moment you must speak to Him and thank Him for being there for you… always.
对神要有感激之情。感谢祂赐予你的一切。时时刻刻你要跟祂说话,并感谢祂在你身边... 一直在那儿。

2. Be free from all expectations. You have come here to taste the nectar of love that flows from within you.

3. Do not depend on anybody for anything. Be always the giver. Receive the joy of the other in the act of giving selflessly.

4. Be strong to face the winds of time. You don’t need any time to prepare for times to come. You have to be aware that God’s hand lies in it. That is enough. You will be able to face anything and everything.

5. Be strong for the sake of your loved ones. You have to bring out the best in each other by being yourself to each other.

6. Spend the day in gratitude. Spend each night until you fall asleep in prayer. Ask God to give you the strength to remain grateful to Him.

7. Be happy for what God gives you… Be happier for what God gives another…
对神给你的东西要感到快乐... 对神给另一人的东西要感到更快乐...

8. Remember the truth in moments of disease and death. In whatever time you have… until you are healthy… until your very last breath, do good and wish good for all…
在罹病与死亡之际要记得真理。在你有生之年... 直到你健康... 直到你最后一口气,要为大家行善和祝福...

9. Be helpful to all yet be free from the bonds of all relationships. You must be yourself… there must be no one that binds the freedom of your soul.
要成为大家的帮手但要摆脱所有关系的束缚。你要成为你自己... 绝对没有人可以约束你灵魂的自由。

10. We must keep ourselves pure hearted. You never know who may lean on it and receive from its simpleness.

11. Believe in yourself. Be confident that you can face anything without fear.

12. Guard the peace you receive from your soul. No money… no fame… can ever touch the peace received from within.
要护卫你从你灵魂接收的平和。这得自内在的平和不是金钱... 名誉... 所能牵动的。

13. Carry out your duties with the name of God in your heart.

14. Do not hurt anyone… ever. Living with the pain you inflict upon another is worse than death.
不要伤害任何人... 决不。与你加之于别人的痛苦去过日子比死亡更糟糕。

15. Whatever you receive must be returned to God in prayer. Ask for Him and Him alone. All your misery has ended then.

The man who had chosen his own misery wept… until …at one moment he felt an inexplicable joy emerge from within him… for no reason. He then realized that misery was a world that was projected from his own mind… and joy was the reality… his true nature… that emanated endlessly from within his soul. He then reflected the light of his soul upon his mind, and the world of God entered his eye, and the darkness of the Universe… disappeared in its light.
那个选择了自己的痛苦者哭泣了... 直到... 在一瞬间他感到一种不可言喻的喜悦从他的内心涌现... 根本没有理由可言。他于是领悟那痛苦是一个投影自他自己心念的世界... 而喜悦是那本体... 他自己的真实本质... 永无止境地散发自他的灵魂之内。他然后反映他灵魂的光于他的心念上,而神的世界映入他的眼眸,同时宇宙的黑暗... 消失于其光之中。
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