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2020/09 Making Peace
Inspirational Message received by Seema M. Dewan, August 26, 2011
There will always be differences of opinion between two minds. One has to learn to respect the differences without being agitated. No matter what your mind or another’s says, ultimately you have to go inward to receive guidance and obey the laws laid down by the conscience.

In your lifetime you must befriend God and be patient in the relationship with all else. Whatever you need, ask only from God… never ask or want from anyone else in life.
在你这一生中你要亲近神,并与所有其他人保持耐心。不论你这一生需要什么,只向神求就得了... 决不要向任何人请求或索取。

There is no need to make an enemy ever… Do not feel disturbed or pain when someone does not like you. Do not retaliate or be vengeful in return. Ask God to fill you with love so that you can ignore the weaknesses of all others and concentrate on improving your own.
尽量避免树敌... 如果有人不喜欢你,不要感到困扰或痛苦。不要反击或采取报复行动。要求神把爱充斥于你,从而使你能忽略所有其他人的缺点并专心改善你自己。

First learn to respect yourself. Place the principles of goodness in your heart and abide by them moment to moment. It does not matter how much another knows of it or sees it. As long as you remain concentrated in your efforts and content in your focus all doubts that come your way shall be cleared at the precise time.

It is impossible to be liked by all in this world. As long as you desire it is impossible for you to like all, too. The root of differences is desire. In order to experience peace you may have to choose either between keeping the desire and foster the hatred or to give up the desire… eliminate the ego, and welcome the silence of love… unity and peace…
在这世上你不可能得到每一个人的喜欢。只要你有所渴望,你也不可能喜欢所有的人。分殊的根是欲望。为了体验平和,你或许必须在维持欲望而导致憎恨,抑或放弃欲望之间选择其一... 排除自我,而欢迎爱... 一体性与平和... 的静默。

Be the first one to extend your hand to make peace. Remember, to choose peace over dispute is the way of the wise and the good.

The restless man stopped the wise one and asked, “O Wise one that smiles with the eyes and speaks the word of peace with your word, to you I ask, ‘How do you see all as good?’” The wise one replied, “O Gentle one that seeks truth, I shall answer to you what I know. I have placed the “I” of my ego in constant prayer, and with the eye of our father in heaven I see the world. I know not what I receive… I recognize not who comes to me… I see only the stream of goodness that comes from our father in heaven and reaches my soul… And I see the same stream of goodness pour from His chest into the wells of your soul. And I weep in joy… I wish to know you not… I wish to know not what you have done and what you do. I wish not to know your name… I wish not to know if you have followed being good or not… All I wish to see is the stream of goodness that flows from our Lord to you and me. Anything else is not important for me to see… I walk looking at the heavens above, and I forget to see who walks as “me” and watches the Lord in the heavens above. I remember not what you have asked, for I see only the goodness of God watching over you and me… “
心境不宁的人拦住智者并问道,“噢,以眼睛微笑同时口说平和的话语的智者,我请问你,‘你如何看大家都是善良的?’”智者回答,“噢,探索真理的高尚者,我必将我所知道的回答你。我已把我的自我的‘我’置于不断的祈祷中,而我以我们在天堂的父亲的眼睛来看世界。我不知道我收到什么... 我不认识谁到我这儿来... 我只看到来自于天国的父亲的美善之流水抵达我的灵魂... 而我看到同样的美善之流水从祂的胸口涌入你的灵魂之井。而我流下喜悦的眼泪... 我不想认识你... 我不想知道你做了什么以及你在做什么。我不想知道你的名字... 我不想知道你从善与否... 我只想看到的是从我们的主流向你和我的美善之流水。任何其他事物对我来说都不值一睹... 我走路的时候总仰望着在上的天堂,而我忘了去观察那走着并仰望天堂上的主的那个“我”到底是谁。我不记得你问了什么,因为我只看到神的善;祂注视着你和我... ”

The restless man replied, “O Wise one that knows not yourself or your way or me, to you I bow and say, ‘I know now that to be good and to see all is good, one has to forget his self and the world and watch the goodness of God descend from the heavens into his soul. And seeing that, all life… at every moment is enough and makes one complete!’”
心境不宁的人回答,“噢,那不知道你自己或你的途径或我, 的智者,我对你鞠躬说,‘我现在已知道要成为善者以及视一切为善者,一个人必须忘掉他自己和世界,并观察神的善从天堂降入他的灵魂。并且看到,一生... 于每一刻都是足够的并使得一个人完整!’”
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