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2020/06 The First Thought of the Soul 灵的第一个思想
Inspirational Message received by Seema M. Dewan, August 23, 2011
The Lord stood by His child in prayer. He smiled and asked His child,
“Dear sweet one, what makes you think of Me when I am beside you… within you… above you… and around you, keeping you in the bosom of My love?”
“亲爱的,是什么使你想起我,当我在你身边... 在你之内... 在你之上... 及在你周围,让你驻于我的爱的胸怀里时?”

The child replied,
“O Sweet Lord, I know You are always there. I also know that You have not forsaken me even for a moment. It is I, O Lord, that forgets to see Your steps beside me when all is well and when I receive from You the fruit of desire. I am weak for I cannot live without my wishes and yet I long for your grace and your strength in me.”
“噢 温馨的主,我知道你总是在那儿。我也知道,你不曾抛弃我,哪怕是短短的一瞬间。就是我,噢 主,忘掉去观察你在我身旁的步伐,当一切都安好并且当我从你那儿得到欲望果实时。我是脆弱的,因为我没有欲望就活不下去,然而我却渴望得到你的恩惠及你的力量在我之内。”

The Lord replied,
“O Child who makes Me full in love, to you I speak truth and truth alone. Yes! I stand with you in your every moment. I have all that you desire in the palm of My Hand. No prayer is impossible for Me to answer… no boon is beyond My reach to give… I give to you what you want when you do not have the patience to wait anymore… I then see you in your moments of temporary joy where you play with the fruit of desire and immerse in its pleasures. You forget that I stand by you. You forget to turn to Me and ask Me for the Hand that holds you and the Universe and all the eye can see… but instead, you thank Me for a moment and forget your gratitude while the fruit of the desire becomes slowly you. And then, when you begin to see its colors in you… you dislike yourself, and suddenly the sweetness of the fruit you tasted becomes bitter. It is not the fruit that changed, My child… it is you who changed from the peace of prayer to the turmoil of wanting yet not waiting for what you asked…”
“噢 使我充满着爱的孩子,对你,我说的是真理,仅只真理而已。是的!我每一刻都跟你站在一起。我有你渴望的一切在我的手掌中。没有祈求是我不可能回应的... 没有恩惠是超越我可及的范围而不能赐予的... 我给你你所要的,当你没有耐心再等候时... 然后我看着你处于短暂欢乐的片刻,在那儿,你玩赏欲望的果实并陶醉在它的欢乐之中。你忘了我站在你身边。你忘了转向我并跟我请求那只容纳着你和宇宙以及放眼可见的一切的手... 反而,你对我仅有片刻的感激而当欲望的果实慢慢变成你时,你就忘掉你的谢意。然后,当你开始看见其色彩在你之内时... 你不喜欢你自己,而突然你品尝的果实的甜美变成苦涩。那不是果实的改变,我的孩子... 改变的是你,从祈祷的平和变为要求却急于得到的骚扰...”

The child wept, and the tears of repentance cleansed his heart. He turned to his beloved Lord and asked,
“O Lord who knows me more than myself! O Lord who loves me more than I can ever know or understand, to You I wish to return. I asked for all that I never needed… yet, you gave without a word… I asked for You to wait while I enjoyed and chased every wave of desire that emerged from thought. I left You, O Lord, and instead fostered the thought… embraced it, held it in the palm of my hands, and offered thought by thought at Your Lotus Feet. I wished for You to place Your blessed Hand upon each of my thoughts, and asked in prayer to make all of it germinate to life and come true. Now, I see, O Lord, why You waited… why You gave me more time to reflect on my prayer… for each time my thought germinated and the tree of ignorance was born… I fell in the shade and darkness of greed and tasted the sweet bitter fruit that turned my heart into the fears of selfishness, and my mind into the dust of me… me… me… O Lord, I wish to forget the thought I think, and I wish only to think of You beside me… within me… above me… and around me. In that, I remain unchanged no matter what happens, and stay rooted in You.”
“噢 主,你知道我,远甚于我自己!噢 主,你爱我,远甚于我所能知道或了解,我希望回归于你。我要求了所有我从不需要的。然而,你一言不发就给了... 我要你等候,当我享受并追逐每一个出现自念头的欲望波涛的时候。我离开了你,噢 主,反而培育起了念头... 拥抱它,把它握在我的手掌里,并把一个接一个的念头供奉于你的莲花足下。我希望你安置你福气的手于我的每一个念头,并且祈求它们都发芽萌生且成真。噢 主,现在我明白为什么你候着... 为什么你给我更多的时间去反思我的祷告... 因为每一次我的念头发芽成长,无知之树于是诞生... 我掉入贪婪的阴影与黑暗之中并尝到又甜又苦的果实,那果实把我的心转变为自私的恐惧,把我的念变成我... 我... 我...的尘埃。噢 主,我希望忘掉我思索的念头,而我只希望去想着你在我身边... 在我之内... 在我之上... 及在我周围。在那儿,不论发生什么我都保持不变并植根于你。”

The Lord embraced His child and spoke,
“You have asked for Me this time. That gift is already yours. But, I shall give to you the thought of truth as the first thought you shall always think. And whatever thoughts shall follow, they shall turn to the light of the thought of truth and merge into its purity and goodness… The nature of the mind is to think of what it sees… what it hears… what it feels… but if you shall grasp the thought of truth, the mind shall move, yet you shall stay in the bliss of the first thought that you shall remain aware of… alone…
The Universe cannot remain still for you… time cannot give you the same… but if you hold on to the gift of the first thought of truth, then you shall face all of life being aware only of the first thought of truth that I gave to you.”

“这一次你已来找我。那礼物已经是你的了。然而,我将给你真理的思想作为你会一直思考的第一个思想。而不论接着而来的什么念头,它们将转向真理思想的光并且浸濡于其纯净与善良之中... 心念的本质是去思考其所见者... 其所听者... 其所感者... 然而,如果你会掌握真理的思想,心念必将更动,而你始终都处于第一个思想的至福之中,那是你应当保持觉知的... 单独一个人...
宇宙不能为你而保持静止... 时间也不能给你同样的东西... 但如果你紧握着真理的第一个思想的礼物,那么,你将面对人生的一切,仅仅怀持着我所给你的真理的第一个思想。”

Suddenly, a flash of light emanated from the Lord and reached the head of His child. The first thought had placed its brilliance within the child that bent in prayer…
It said,
“I am the only I that you shall speak to and see…
I am the only I that you shall bend to and be…
I am the only I that shall save you and shall make you free…
I am the only I in which truth exists and all that comes returns to Me.”

That is the first and the only thought that the child of God is aware of… and this first thought of truth shall make any child of God at any moment return to the bliss of his source…


那就是第一个思想也是唯一的思想,是神的孩子所觉知的... 而这真理的第一个思想将使神的任何一个孩子在任何时刻回归到他的源头的至福...
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