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2019/02 The Source... His Love 源头...祂的爱
Inspirational Message received by Seema M. Dewan, May 6, 2011
God’s heart can be won when one’s love is completely sincere for Him. As one slowly eliminates the doubts that one has for his own Self, it is then that one begins to see the reality of one’s soul i.e. the atma which is imperishable... indestructible... and indivisible.

To eliminate doubts one has to closely observe the working of one’s own mind. The mind is like a wheel that begins at a point, moves all along the circumference, and after the whole circle returns to the initial point... the source... from which it began its journey. That is simply the nature of the mind. The mind cannot be controlled, however the mind can be trained to remain still. Such a mind begins at its source and even though it moves around the circumference in order to complete its task it is always focused even while turning its round at its source.

And what is this source that stills and focuses the mind even while in movement? The source, My dear, is love... pure... unconditional love... There is no one that has not experienced love in his life... How much love is experienced by one... that much only one will be able to understand the truth of one’s Self. How much one understands one’s own Self, that much he will realize the presence and love of God that is within. That understanding is limited and these limitations create a different aura of impressions resulting in the birth of an individualized mind... and these minds in return according to their limitations give rise to different characteristics (gunas)... The mind... the characteristics... and one’s attachment to both, the mind and the characteristics, gives rise to an individual personality. In reality, the core of our being, no matter what the personality, is the same, i.e. love. However, the outside shell of the personality creates a delusion of being separate. The core of every being, hence, is Divine (pure unconditional love). A human being is God disguised in the cloak of the body, mind, intellect and senses. This cloak together compromises the ego... the little self...(conditional love)

The mind is a web of thoughts... Then what are thoughts? When love deviates from its nature even slightly then a thought is born. A thought is an indication that one has deviated from his true nature i.e. pure, unconditional love. The true nature of one’s Self is always to return to its source (love). Hence, even if one thought is born, its vibrational energy immediately tries to give birth to another thought in order to eliminate the first. If one fails in this process, one uses the energy of the source to keep making more thoughts only in order to return to its state of origin which is love. When the mind is most still it creates the most intense work that emanates divinity. When the mind is in motion it creates work that has limitations and that work results in more thought ultimately resulting in the fear of that work.

One in life is faced with many duties. Depending upon how much one receives from the duty, it is that much that one gets attached to it. The likes and dislikes... gives rise to fears and doubts and unknowingly one performs one’s duty in the absence of love (pure) and in the presence of thoughts (conditional love). Again one becomes attached to the limitations of one’s love and considers that alone to be pure love. The more one gets blinded... the more one gets fearful of how much he has deviated from pure love. And as this fear grows, one becomes defiant to his own Self and he denies his own true nature of his source (pure love).

One, in frustration, begins to control his mind with the fear of not thinking. The more he fears not to think the more he thinks and fears.

Simple spiritual disciplines (sadhanas) can be kept within one’s mind constantly. Practice of such simple spiritual disciplines shall root one’s faith deeply in God and shall help one to return to the source and its stillness.

Remembrance of God 对神的忆念
Remembering the name of God before one does anything... speaks anything... thinks anything... shall make one aware of his source (love). God is love itself... All beings are born from Him and His love. Hence all in this world is beginning, middle, and the continuous end of love... Just remembering “love” itself shall make you think it... speak it and indulge in acts of it... There is no one that needs to learn how to love. One comes as love... one has to learn how not be anything other than that.
Simplicity 单纯
Be simple in whatever you have to do... Simplicity is carrying the mind in the mode of love rather than in the mode of constant analysis and thought. Do not worry if things are not going your way... They are going His way... You can pray to God... but do not be obsessed that He must answer immediately. Keep talking to Him until you are able to see His Divine Will.
不论你必需做的是何事,都要保持单纯...单纯带着心念于爱的方式之中,而不是在不断的分析与思考的方式之中。 即便事与愿违也不要担心...它们正按照祂的方式发生...你可以祈求祂...但不要困扰于‘祂必须立即回应’。保持跟祂的沟通直至你能看到祂的神圣旨意。
Surrender 降服
Free yourself from carrying all burdens on your shoulders. The work He has given He himself shall carry...
Staying Calm 保持平静
Do not let your mind fear and doubt Him. Stay calm always... If you are not prepared for what He wishes you to do, ask Him for His strength... The moment you do your fears will dwindle.
Constant Closeness to God 不断地与神接近
Spend all the time you get in His company. Think of Him to be sitting right by you as you do your work. The reassurance that all is God’s will shall keep you strong and protected.
Fighting Emotion 与情绪抗衡
Do not indulge in emotion. Emotion is the weakening of the intellect and as the intellect loosens its hold, the mind runs into fears. Keep your understanding always in trying to understand God’s unknown ways... In that way your mind will be at its source (love) and the intellect will be reaching toward the heart.
No Body Consciousness 没有肉身意识
Do not be afraid as to what the body undergoes... The body is fragile... Do not be attached to it nor identify yourself to it. Remember you are love... and conduct all you have to do remembering that alone...
Silence 静默
Do not unnecessarily wrap yourselves in spiritual debates. No one can teach you of God other than God Himself... Sharing experiences of pure love are fruitful. Spend time with like-minded souls.
Returning to the Source 回到源头
Sometimes things end abruptly. Do not be disheartened. Remember all happens at the right time with His will alone. It is abrupt because one is not prepared for the sudden turn. In those times return to the center of your being. Immerse your anxiety by doing acts that reflect God’s love... Soon time will lose its control over you and you shall be free in joy.
Always Be Happy 常保持快乐
Being happy is most important for you to experience love. The soul that has always been close to itself shall radiate the purity of a warm genuine smile. Be happy always... No matter what happens the smile of the soul must reflect on you... One smile can lead to many more... Even if you cannot serve God in any other way you can serve Him in this way... A newborn baby first serves his parents by learning to smile for them. In the same way you must offer to God the smile that promises that one is always aware of His love and no matter what, that love shall take you beyond the mind... intellect... characteristics... body... toward the source... His love.................
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