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2018/09 Everything Is Possible 一切都是可能的
Inspirational Message received by Seema M. Dewan, April 20, 2011
Everything is possible, if you shall turn and receive from Me the treasure of faith. Everything is possible, if you do not disturb your peace with taunting doubts… Everything is possible, if you are patient with time. Everything is possible, if you are able to gather the atmic strength from within and remain stationed in My will. My dear children of this Universe… you are in My womb and I am the only mother that you have had in your many lives. With My thousand eyes… My million hands and My unspoken silent love I protect you always…watching you rise and fall in My own presence within My own Self. I am everything to you even though you know it not. And there is nothing… nothing I cannot do for you…


Everything is possible, if you are determined in your effort. Everything is possible, if you choose Me over all else. Everything is possible, if you do not waste time… energy… My guidance always flows through every heart… if you are able to overcome the fears of the mind, then your way shall become clear and the guidance from My heart shall enter every nerve of your being and with fearlessness, faith and surrender, you shall accomplish anything and receive everything.


Everything is possible… that is what I shall always say to you. The laws of nature rotate along the orbit of purity… and if you, My dear child, rise with an untainted heart, then they shall bow to you. Fate is for those who suffer, that are adamant to be weak and deny their selves of their divine strength. For the children who have obeyed My word… for them, fate itself moves and makes way for their determination.


I am your mother…your origin…your root…your love…and your life. Whatever is in Me instantly flows to you if you do not obstruct it with the fear that I am different from you. Whatever I do is to make you believe that I am born within you and the moment you shall turn to My word and utilize its truth everything My dear child shall become possible.


Everything I do is what I have already willed as a part of this play and whatever you shall do is by the strength of faith. You shall not ask the reason of My ways… you shall be determined to complete the task that I Myself guide you to do from within… Then everything is possible…


Even though I govern this Universe, I, Myself, comply with all the rules of the game that you comply with. I do not take any short cuts in my task. In fact, I bear the same obstacles of the body that you do. I have to or else I cannot show you the way you need to take to reach the brilliant light of the atma (soul). Even when these obstacles come My way, I do not flinch… I do not weaken… I allow nature to take its own course… I allow you to do your duty while I remain immersed in a task that you cannot comprehend.


I can endure any pain of the body. What makes Me sad is when My children come in the way of My task by fighting with each other. That I cannot bear… Those who have remained in the dark… those who have denied My love for them… those who seek ambition and opportunity rather than wisdom and peace will always try to sabotage My work… but they can never be successful for My task for you is imprinted on stone… all you have to do is to show that you carry the strength and light of truth… You must remain silent and not entangle yourself either by word or action with such meddlers. Pay no attention to them and they too shall silence in their babbling of untruths. You do not need to defend Me… You need to be silent and portray My teachings through your silent wisdom and selfless deeds. As for Me I will always extend My hand to all… Whoever extends and holds My hand, to that one I give the gift of truth and pure love… Have faith that I am where I need to be and you have to be always by My side… in spirit… and in devotion…


Everything is possible… but you cannot weaken… You cannot know it all while the task is in motion and before it is complete. I know… I am there always… I am Myself doing what needs to be done… I am fully conscious of everything… I have not come to leave with My task incomplete… I am with you… But you must have faith and be with Me. At the right time all will be revealed. Until then bask in My blessings and realize that everything is possible… if you shall smile and say with all your strength, “I believe… I believe… I believe…”


Everything is possible, My sweet little one, if you are able to do with faith, wait in patience and live in love!


I bless you with the treasures of these!

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